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In the course of assembling the book Billy and I went through our Ellington collections and dug up an exotic variety of examples to illustrate Duke's mastery of blues piano. The examples ranged all the way from the ultimately simple "C Jam Blues" through "Jack the Bear" to the adventurous harmonic imagination of his solo on "Sepia Panorama" and the intriguingly chromatic concept of "Mr.

Blues", one of his memorable piano-and-bass duos with Jimmy Blanton. That Johnny Hodges too is a magnificent blues performer can be recalled by a check through the discographical annals. A high percentage of the small-band records made by Hodges over the past decades have been miniature masterpieces based on the blues, structurally or at least in mood. Harry Edison and Les Spann, who share the solo work with Duke and Johnny, are blues-rooted performers of different generations.


His full-time professional career covers only two years a few months with Phineas Newborn, briefly with Ronnell Bright, and the past year with Dizzy Gillespie. The Ellington piano is more prominently heard than usual in this set of standard tunes. Though "Royal Garden Blues" is the only one of the seven numbers based entirely on the traditional twelve-bar form "St. Louis" and "Beale Street" use it with variations , the mood of the blues is maintained magnificently throughout both sides.

Louis Blues", when Handy used a tango rhythm for one of the themes. Alternating phrases by Hodges and Edison build suspense as they lead into an exposition of the melody by Hodges with gently effective "comping" by Spann. Students of the Hodges style will not be surprised to observe that on his second chorus, though he ad libs more freely than in the previous 32 bars, there is still a strong suggestion of the melody. Sweets' choruses are based more on the chord structure of the piece than on the melodic line. Duke starts his solo with simple single-note lines to build to a two-fisted chordal attack in the latter passages before Hodges takes over again to reprise the theme.

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