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Read more. Introduction to String Theory. Introduction to String Field Theory. Introduction to string field theory.

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String Theory and M-Theory: A Modern Introduction

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String theory and M-theory: A modern introduction - INSPIRE-HEP

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Time and space are one body, mind and things sustain each other. Time, o time, does not time come again? Heaven, o heaven, how many are the appearances of heaven! From ancient days constantly shifting on, black holes flaring up. Time and space are one body, is it without end? Great indeed is the riddle of the universe. Beautiful indeed is the source of truth. To quantize space and time the smartest are nothing. To measure the Great Universe with a long thin tube the learning is vast.

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Shing-Tung Yau Contents Preface 1 1. It was developed in the late s for the purpose of describing the strong nuclear force. Problems were encountered that prevented this program from attaining complete success. In particular, it was realized that the spectrum of a fundamental string contains an undesired massless spin-two particle. Quantum chromodynamics eventually proved to be the correct theory for describing the strong force and the properties of hadrons. String theory became then the most promising candidate for a quantum theory of gravity unified with the other forces and has developed into one of the most fascinating theories of high-energy physics.

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The understanding of string theory has evolved enormously over the years thanks to the efforts of many very clever people. In some periods progress was much more rapid than in others.

In particular, the theory has experienced two major revolutions. The one in the mids led to the subject achieving widespread acceptance. In the mids a second superstring revolution took place that featured the discovery of nonperturbative dualities that provided convincing evidence of the uniqueness of the underlying theory.

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  8. It also led to the recognition of an eleven-dimensional manifestation, called M-theory. Subsequent developments have made the connection between string theory, particle physics phenomenology, cosmology, and pure mathematics closer than ever before. As a result, string theory is becoming a mainstream research field at many universities in the US and elsewhere. Due to the mathematically challenging nature of the subject and the above-mentioned rapid development of the field, it is often difficult for someone new to the subject to cope with the large amount of material that needs to be learned before doing actual string-theory research.

    An alternative approach is to shorten the learning process so that the student can jump into research more quickly. In this spirit, the aim of this book is to guide the student through the fascinating subject of string theory in one academic year. This book starts with the basics of string theory in the first few chapters and then introduces the reader to some of the main topics of modern research.

    Since the subject is enormous, it is only possible to introduce selected topics.