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Wasylishen Eds. CrystEngComm 15 , Kuhn Ed. Springer, Berlin Apperley, Robin. Chan Ed. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Wasylishen, Sharon E. Ashbrook, and Stephen Wimperis Eds. Bakhmutov, CRC Press McDermott and Tatyana Polenova Eds.

Dong Ed. Harris, Roderick E. Wasylishen, and Melinda J. Duer Eds.

  1. Quantum Description of High-Resolution NMR in Liquids.
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Walstedt, Springer, Berlin Pascal, with animations by Jennie M. Levitt, Wiley, Chichester Jacobsen, Wiley, New Jersey Freitas, Elsevier, Amsterdam Kuhn Eds. Vij Ed. Webb Ed. Bakhmutov, Wiley, Chichester Klinowski Ed. Duer, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford Elliott Burnell and Cornelis A. Madhu Eds. Ernst Springer, Wien MacKenzie and M. Smith, Pergamon, Amsterdam Pergamon Materials Series, Series editor: R. Duer Ed. Kiihne and Huub J. Mehring and V. It is written at an "intermediate" level, with mathematics used to augment, rather than replace, clear verbal descriptions of the phenomena.

The book is intended to allow a graduate student, advanced undergraduate, or researcher to understand NMR at a fundamental level, and to see illustrations of the applications of NMR to the determination of the structure of small organic molecules and macromolecules, including proteins. Emphasis is on the study of NMR in liquids, but the treatment also includes high resolution NMR in the solid state and the principles of NMR imaging and localized spectroscopy.

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  • Careful attention is given to developing and interrelating four approaches - steady state energy levels, the rotating vector picture, the density matrix, and the product operator formalism. The presentation is based on the assumption that the reader has an acquaintance with the general principles of quantum mechanics, but no extensive background in quantum theory or proficiency in mathematics is required. Likewise, no previous background in NMR is assumed, since the book begins with a description of the basic physics, together with a brief account of the historical development of the field.

    This third edition of High Resolution NMR preserves the "conversational" approach of the previous editions that has been well accepted as a teaching tool. However, more than half the material is new, and the remainder has been revised extensively.

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    2. Quantum description of high resolution NMR in liquids!
    3. Quantum Description of High-Resolution NMR in Liquids;
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    Problems are included to reinforce concepts in the book. Professors and graduate students in physical and analytical chemistry and biochemistry; academic and industrial developers of analytical instrumentation, and users of such instrumentation including researchers and technicians in chemistry, biotechnology, and biochemistry.

    Introduction: Historical.

    Quantum Description of High Resolution NMR in Liquids International Series of Monographs on Chemistr

    High Resolution NMR. Effect of the Boltzmann Distribution. Spin-Lattice Relaxation.

    ISBN 13: 9780198556398

    Line Widths. Macroscopic Magnetization. The Bloch Equations: Nuclear Induction. The Rotating Frame of Reference.

    Quantum description of high resolution NMR in liquids - PDF Free Download

    Adiabatic Passage: Ringing Problems. Subject Index. It simultaneously represents and illustrates the amazing--and still ongoing--enhancement of NMR, which has become an indispensable tool for so many applications in science, medicine and engineering. This book is an outstanding coordinating work, an excellent resource, and a reference for further studies in the field of NMR.


    I consider it a must for all NMR spectroscopists and teachers who deal with the subject. Also, I wholeheartedly recommend it to students, and to anyone else who wants to receive an enjoyable introduction to the exciting field of NMR spectroscopy and its applications. This work undoubtedly succeeds in making a challenging and ever-changing area accessible and clear.

    From the beginning, the author made me feel extremly comfortable with 'non-classical' treatments of NMR. While the text deals with many other aspects of NMR, this book should be recommended as a starting text to anyone with a particular interest in density matrix theory.

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