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References [a1] S. Arakelov, "Intersection theory of divisors on an arithmetic surface" Math. USSR Izv. Arakelov, "Theory of intersections on an arithmetic surface" , Proc. Mathematicians Vancouver , 1 , Amer. Bost, H. Gillet, C. Faltings, "Calculus on arithmetic surfaces" Ann. Faltings, "Diophantine approximation on Abelian varieties" Ann. Faltings, "Lectures on the arithmetic Riemann—Roch theorem" Ann. Study , Notes by S. Zhang MR Zbl IHES , 72 pp. Abramovich, J. Burnol, J. Kramer, "Lectures on Arakelov geometry" , Studies Adv. Press MR Zbl Stock photo. Brand new: lowest price The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable.

The book gives an introduction to this theory, including the analogues of the Hodge Index Theorem, the Arakelov adjunction formula, and the Faltings Riemann-Roch theorem. The book is intended for second year graduate students and researchers in the field who want a systematic introduction to the subject. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Lang , Hardcover. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Arakelov introduced a component at infinity in arithmetic considerations giving rise to global theorems in an arithmetic context over the ring of integers of a number field.

II, Leipzig, Teubner, , pp. MR [Le1] P. Lelong, Plurisubharmonic functions and positive differential forms , Gordon and Breach, New York, MR [Lev] Harold I.

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MR [N2] Yu. Nesterenko , Estimates for the characteristic function of a prime ideal , Mat. MR [No] D. Northcott , An inequality in the theory of arithmetic on algebraic varieties , Proc. Cambridge Philos. I , Math.

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MR [Sch] Wolfgang M. Schmidt , On heights of algebraic subspaces and diophantine approximations , Ann. Shabat , Distribution of values of holomorphic mappings , Translations of Mathematical Monographs, vol. Translated from the Russian by J. King; Translation edited by Lev J. MR [Si] C.

With the collaboration of D. Abramovich, J. Burnol and J. Basel 27 , no. MR [V] W. Notes by D. Springer, Berlin, German. I , Invent. Altman and S.

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Kleiman, Joins of schemes, linear projections , Compositio Math. Arakelov, Intersection theory of divisors on an arithmetic surface , Math. USSR Izv. MR [Ar2] -, Theory of intersections on an arithmetic surface , Proc. Beauzamy, E. Bombieri, P. Enflo, and H. Montgomery, Products of polynomials in many variables , J. Number Theory 36 , MR 91m [Bi-V] J. Bismut and E. Vasserot, The asymptotic of the Ray-Singer analytic torsion associated with high powers of a positive line bundle , Comm. MR 91c [Bl] A.

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MR e [Bo-V] E. Boda and W. MR 80k [Bo-Va] E. Vaaler, On Siegel's lemma , Invent. MR 85ga [B-R] A. MR [B1] J. Bost, Green's currents and height pairing on complex tori , Duke Math. Bost, H. Gillet, and C. MR 92d [B-C] R. Bott and S. Chern, Hermitian vector bundles and the equidistribution of zeroes of their holomorphic sections , Acta Math. MR [C-Wa] W. Chow and B. MR [Co-G] C. Cornalba and P. Griffiths, Analytic cycles and vector bundles on non-compact algebraic varieties , Invent. MR [Fa1] G. Faltings, Calculus on arithmetic surfaces , Ann. Zhang , Ann.