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Then, just add the init function after.

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Something like this:. For now, the ball simply moves slowly, sadly fated to move in one direction… forever. For deeper use of EaselJS, including input, collisions, and scoring, see my Catapult Wars tutorial series. The other libraries in the CreateJS family can save you time as well, so a quick introduction is in order. Sound can be very tricky in JavaScript-based games, and SoundJS handles detecting playback capabilities, and give you ways to play, pause, loop, and overlap sounds that would take a bunch of manual code to get working consistently.

EaselJS Tutorial: Getting Started

You can get an idea of the supported features in this test suite :. Tweening is about adjusting values from a start to an end. TweenJS supports tweening, including chained calls and delays. TweenJS also offers a set of easing functions.

Getting Started with Create JS - The Suite Of Libraries

Easing is a function that controls the rate of change. For example, you could simply move from A to B at constant rate, but for a more polished effect, you could start motion from A slowly, move quickly across the screen, then slow down to settle into position B. I hope you find this guide and these libraries useful. Good luck with your Windows Store game! I have problem in your tutorial of catapults. After follow all the step I can see all the image but it did't fire anythings. They should know how to proceed….

Sauvegarder l'image. Date: pages: ISBN: If you are a web developer with some experience in JavaScript development, and want to enter the fascinating world. Similar books. Public Folders 0. Private Folders 0. We just repeat a similar process for the other items. Now if you run this, you should find that it works as expected. All your images are in the right place and so on. One possible solution is to use real bitmaps instead of SVG files, but this will increase file sizes floor. When using bitmaps you need to provide height and width attributes for each image.

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  4. What I have shown you here is a really basic introduction to setting up a game in EaselJS. From this point, you will need to add the following functions:.

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    If you would like to see some in-depth tutorials on these topics, there are many existing individual tutorials online to be found that will point you in the right direction. By Emma Grant. The arrival of HTML5 has opened up a world of exciting possibilities for us as developers.

    Why EaselJS? Learning by doing The easiest way to learn something new is by doing something practical, so for this article we will actually develop a simple game. Laying the groundwork Before you can start making the actual game, you will normally have to create all the resources that will be used in the game.

    This means you need to make: Background s for the world you are creating Sprites for characters and objects Sound effects Music So in the case of our school game we need: Classroom background Desk sprite as obstacle Teacher sprite player character Student sprites non-player characters Fruit sprites missiles Splat!

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    So what I very quickly came up with was images not drawn to scale : Floor Desk Teacher Student Apple Goal Obviously it is not a beautiful game, but it is enough to achieve the goal of demonstrating the basics of how to set up a simple 2D game with EaselJS. Game basics The basic concepts involved in designing this game are: Level design KeyDown detection Collision detection Artificial intelligence Randomization Starting with level design, this game is extremely simple.

    Of course without you there is no game, so, time to put you in the game! Bitmap "background. Bitmap bg ; stage. Bitmap desk ; desks[i]. Bitmap student ; students[i]. Bitmap teacher ; teacher. Emma Grant is a professional freelance content writer from Ireland. Over the past three years she has travelled the world while running her business from her laptop. You find her at www. By Paddi MacDonnell. By DeveloperDrive Staff. Flexbox is a CSS layout module that makes the creation of fully flexible user interfaces possible.

    Why Create JS?

    It offers an easy-to-use alternative to floats and a couple of jQuery plugins such as image gallery libraries as well. Flexbox is an ideal choice for several typical CSS tasks and fits especially well with one-dimensional layouts. In this article, we will look into how to use flexbox to create a responsive image gallery that looks well at every viewport size.